72 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

HSG Ep. 12: Ennis Esmer - Schitt's Creek, Awkward Moments, and Ice Cream

Most recently noted for his work on the NBC show Blindspot as , the Amazon Series Red Oaks, and his reoccurring role on the multi-Emmy winning show Schitt’s Creek, actor Ennis Esmer dishes up some great conversation.  Heidi had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) in July to chat with him about his life, food, and the importance of staying connected in a time when connections look far different than they used to. He also made Heidi blush…a lot...  www.eleventhelement.com go to their store and enter discount code "heidi10" at checkout www.oliveoiljones.com enter discount code "hungry" at checkout www.pittstonketchup.com enter discount code "hungrystuntgirl" at checkout
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