31 minutes | Sep 9th 2020


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If you’ve gone through a divorce you might be wondering how you can begin to rebuild yourself. Divorces are extremely challenging but there are parts of divorce that should be celebrated because it means you’ve acknowledged and honored your truth. In this episode, I had on Amy Pamensky, a spiritual teacher and mindset coach. We talked about her divorce and what made her realize it was time to move on from the relationship. She and I discuss what you should do if you’re worried you’re not in the right relationship, the resistance she faced when going inward to find her truth and how you can start to show up as the best version of yourself.  


About Amy Pamensky:

I’m a spiritual teacher and a mindset coach. Instead of following the path that I thought I should take. I got divorced, I started a new business, and I moved to a new area. Seemingly out of nowhere, I started to meet incredible new friends. For the first time since 4th grade I finally started to feel like I could be myself and fit in. My business took off, my health improved, I lost weight with ease, and I felt confident to be the most authentic version of myself. I’ve turned my pain into purpose and now I have the honor of teaching hundreds of women how to do the same through my group coaching program called Light Up Your Life. Because I believe that HAPPINESS is your birthright and that you get to live a life LIGHTS your SOUL on FIRE.

Inside this episode, Amy shares:

  • How being in service and seeing other women come into their power makes Amy feel most alive
  • Her mindset before getting married
  • The shifts that made her realize it was time to end her marriage
  • Amy’s advice for someone who knows their not in the right relationship
  • Her resistance to going inward and finding the truth 
  • What she believes about living in your truth
  • A truth she’s found about herself and money that’s had a big impact on her
  • The new story she’s created for herself
  • How to discern the difference between your truth and limitations 
  • The identity shift she had when going from her married name to her maiden name


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