64 minutes | Jun 26, 2018

Why ‘feminine’ traits lead to higher revenue, performance and customer engagement

I’m very excited to introduce today’s guests:Nilima Bhat & Raj Sisodia, co-authors of Shakti Leadership and pioneers of the Conscious Capitalism Movement.They join me to talk about how qualities traditionally considered to be more ‘feminine’ – such as empathy, compassion, vulnerability and even love – are helping businesses increase revenue and create higher levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction.And this isn’t just their opinion. They came to this interview packed with research and studies showing that companies that embody these qualities significantly outperform businesses that prize domination, competition, aggression, and winning at any and all costs.These two make such a powerful case for the need to bring a people-first mindset into every aspect of business that if I could make this episode required listening for business leaders, I would.So have a listen and learn more about what traditional, profit-oriented businesses are getting wrong, and how a new generation of companies is setting itself up for long-term success.Topics Discussed in This Episode:[00:02:46] The existential crisis that led to Nilima leaving the corporate world and look for answers elsewhere[00:05:08] Raj’s background and what led him to Conscious Capitalism and his current line of work with Nilima[00:11:27] The research that shows that people are looking for more feminine qualities in leadership[00:12:38] The concept of shakti leadership[00:17:06] How to talk about the concept of shakti leadership in a way that’s accessible to anyone, regardless of spiritual background[00:21:58] Raj’s experience with the concept of shakti[00:27:30] The positive aspects of masculine qualities[00:30:04] What it looks like for a company to embody a balance of feminine and masculine principles[00:32:57] What companies look like when they have too many negative masculine or feminine traits[00:37:52] How to create a company that embodies a balance of positive masculine and feminine traits[00:45:00] The response to corporate pushback against ideas like the seven levels of consciousness[00:52:23] Data that supports the fact that companies that follow the values of conscious capitalism do better[00:56:34] Resources that Raj and Nilima recommend
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