52 minutes | Aug 7, 2018

How to reach your peak creativity, inspiration, motivation, and drive

Today we’re speaking with George Mumford, the mindfulness coach to some of the world’s top performing athletes.Over his 20+ year career, George has helped teams such as the LA Lakers, The Chicago Bulls, and the New York Knicks reach new levels of focus, flow and presence.Both Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant directly credit George with helping them level up their game, and Phil Jackson, the coach of the Laker’s and Bull’s during their winning streaks, calls George his secret weapon that allowed him to win 8 NBA championships.So why are we featuring him on this podcast?Because the state of presence and flow that he helps athletes, Olympians, and global executives to achieve is a state that allows us all to focus our full potential to the moment at hand, free of the stress of what’s coming and free of the baggage of what may or may not have just happened.In other words, a state that enables you to reach your peak creativity, inspiration, motivation, and drive.Enjoy! Topics Discussed in This Episode: [00:01:19] George’s connection with Sharon Salzberg[00:01:57] How George’s experience with chronic pain and addiction led to his interest in mindfulness[00:02:56] What led George out of addiction[00:06:04] The type of results George saw when he first started mediation[00:09:23] How George went from learning about meditation to teaching mindfulness to sports teams[00:12:19] What kinds of practices George helped the Bulls implement[00:14:51] What George’s sitting practice looks like[00:19:41] What George’s teachings enabled already top athletes to do that they couldn’t do before[00:26:22] The importance of being able to let go of things[00:31:40] How to overcome negative self-talk[00:37:19] How to become aware of negative self-talk[00:41:14] What someone should do if they want to start a mindfulness or meditation practice[00:44:42] Books that George recommends
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