37 minutes | Aug 20, 2018

How to beat procrastination through human accountability

In today’s episode, we talk to Focusmate founder Taylor Jacobson about human-to-human accountability and how it can help us beat procrastination and achieve our professional and personal goals.If you’ve ever sat down to work on a task and then suddenly minutes—our hours—have passed without you accomplishing much, you’re not alone. Taylor experienced that situation enough times to know something had to change: so he created Focusmate, an app that pairs people with an accountability partner for live, virtual co-working sessions. Focusmate’s vision is to improve the way millions of people work by helping them keep on task and get their jobs done. As you’ll hear in this episode, I tried it myself, and I can personally vouch for it!In addition to hearing the story of how the app came about, we cover powerful ideas such as:How pairing people with an accountability partner helps improve focus and achieve goalsWhy relying on willpower is not an effective way to change behaviorHow vulnerability and being willing to admit our mistakes enables us to be more productiveTopics Discussed in This Episode:[00:01:04] How Taylor ended up being interviewed for this episode[00:03:30] How Taylor’s interest in accountability partners got started[00:07:25] What happened when Taylor moved to India for his first startup project[00:10:54] The event that sparked the idea for Focusmate[00:13:00] Why Taylor believed that other people would benefit from Focusmate[00:20:26] Why relying on willpower alone to change a behavior isn’t effective[00:23:59] How Taylor used accountability to develop Focusmate[00:26:49] How many people are part of Focusmate now[00:27:03] How Nir Eyal got involved in Focusmate[00:28:28] How Taylor would convince people who feel skeptical about accountability[00:32:57] Resources that Taylor recommends
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