21 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

Episode 33: Reshaping the Lost Wax Casting Technique—The Methods of Medardo Rosso, with Sharon Hecker

Key to the revolutionary ideas of 19th century Italian modernist sculptor Medardo Rosso are his materials and technique. But for a long time, scholars and experts on his work took little time to truly explore these. In this episode, Dr. Sharon Hecker, art historian and curator, and author of a recent Brill publication on Medardo Rosso titled Finding Lost Wax: The Disappearance and Recovery of an Ancient Casting Technique and the Experiments of Medardo Rosso, talks about how this sculptor took an age-old lost wax technique and remodeled it in radical ways and how his work and life are a reflection of art and artists in 19th century Italy and Paris. Guest: Dr Sharon Hecker Host: Leigh Giangreco
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