17 minutes | Jan 13, 2021

Episode 30: Bringing the Story to the Streets—If God is Dead, How Does the Passion Survive?, with Mirella Klomp

The story of the Passion of Christ has lived through the ages in the Netherlands despite secularism growing in the popular narrative of the nation. In this episode, Dr. Mirella Klomp, of the Protestant Theological University, the Netherlands, discusses her book “Playing On: Re-staging the Passion after the Death of God,” published by Brill, and talks about how the Passion has seeped out from the liturgy to the wider cultural domain, why its story remains so popular today, whether depicting Christ in conjunction with popular music and pursuits is disrespectful, and whose story the Passion really is. Guest: Dr Mirella KlompHost: Leigh Giangreco 
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