94 minutes | May 14, 2021

HEX - File 0027 - Gone But Not Forgotten - Pt. 3

Shortly after recording these episodes, Cayla discovered a book that had been published in December 2020 that was packed with new information and interviews with friends and family of the five and others involved. The book is called: Out of Bounds: What Happened to the Yuba County Five? by Drew BeesonBecause of this we ended up recording a whole new episode: File 0027: Gone But Not Forgotten pt. 3The Yuba County 5: On February 24 1978, five young men from Yuba City, California attended a basketball game at California State University They were there to cheer on the UC Davis Basketball team in an away game against Chico State. Their plan, to see the match and then return home that night to prepare for their own game the following day. But they never made it homehttps://www.thehumanexception.com/l/0025-0026-gone-but-not-forgotten/
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