44 minutes | Jul 15th 2020

Over-communicating and Redefining Collaboration for Top Performance in the New Remote Climate – Mike Potter – Rewind

A podcast full of great people-focussed leadership qualities from Mike Potter of Rewind, about how he supports his team of remoters during this unique time. Mike shares ideas on what to do when the initial appeal of working from home has, for many, become more of a challenge in terms of work-life balance, and how to meet the needs of those who are missing that super important human connection they had in the office, reiterating the value of ‘over-communication’ and ensuring priorities are aligned. He also leads by example when encouraging his team to manage their time based on their own unique needs. Practising empathy once again comes up as a key leadership skill, really listening to employees and employing processes and improvements that will really pay off when expanding a remote workforce.

In the last section of the show, you will hear Mike and Shauna brainstorm ways around the key blocker to ‘collaboration’, which Mike’s development team are having a particular difficulty with.

Mike Potter is the co-founder and CEO of Rewind, the leading cloud data backup provider. Rewind is trusted by over 20,000 businesses to protect their data on platforms such as BigCommerce, Mailchimp, Shopify and QuickBooks. He earned his MBA from the University of Ottawa and his B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University. Mike currently resides in Ottawa, Canada.

Make sure to take good notes from this show!