52 minutes | May 3, 2021

How the Pandemic Caused This ER Doctor to Invest in Real Estate

Ayush Gupta shares his story of how the pandemic changed his thoughts about buying a home. He went from considering purchasing a single-family residence to house hacking a fourplex.   For more information on this episode and guest, you can check out the show notes at https://fibyrei.com/S3E19   ----------------------------------   Get the House Hacking Quick Start CHEATSHEET. https://fibyrei.com/HHStart   ----------------------------------   You can check out the best ways to learn about real estate investing, and house hacking at https://fibyrei.com/learn   ----------------------------------   Check out the Ultimate House Hacking Guide Article. https://fibyrei.com/hhguide   ---------------------------------- The House Hacking Podcast is brought to you by FI by REI, whose goal is to help you achieve financial independence through real estate investing. https://fibyrei.com/
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