50 minutes | Oct 30, 2019

S2E1 - Love in Atlantis

Episode One – Love in Atlantis Episode Head: Amy Carver Intro - written by Amy Carver. “It’s Not Too Late” – written by Lucy Boone and Amy Carver, performed by April Brassard. “Getting Murdered” – written by Amy Carver, performed by Lizze Gordon and Jamie Ferguson. “Some Questions about Clones” – written by Amy Carver, performed by Jesse Abbott Chin. “By Carl” – written by Ashley Griggs, performed by John Dellaporta. “Body Snatchers 1993” – written by Lizze Gordon, performed by Lizze Gordon. “Light” – written by Patrick Kueking, performed by Theodore Mark Martinez. Sarah Kenney plays the Host. Music by Steve Metz. Created, produced, and edited by Amy Carver. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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