46 minutes | Dec 24, 2018

S1E8 - Episode 8

Episode Notes Call One, "The Sudden Wife" - written by Heather Rose Walters, performed by John Dellaporta. Call Two, "Freaky Tuesday" - written by Aimee McKay, performed by Victoria Reynoso and Hannah Martin. Intermission, "Corrections and Follow Ups" - written by Jamie Ferguson. Call Three, "Totally '90s" - written by Jamie Ferguson, performed by Jonathan Keaton. Call Four, "Wow2" - written by Amy Carver, performed by Charles Ewing. "Devin" - written and performed by Tony Werner. The Host is played by Sarah Kenney. Music by Steve Metz. Created by Amy Carver. https://thehostpod.com This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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