34 minutes | Oct 31st 2018

S1E4 - Episode 4

Episode Notes

Call One, "Frankentat" - written by David Seltzer, performed by Jamie Ferguson and David Seltzer.

Call Two, "Frogs" - written by Ashely Griggs, performed by April Brassard.

Intermission, "Endangered Sandwiches" - written by Jamie Ferguson and Amy Carver.

Call Three, "Poltergeist Puberty" - written by Sarah Greenleaf, performed by Becca Katz. (Congratulations on their recent engagement!)

Call Four, "Mina" - written by Kim Barrante, performed by Anna Chazelle.

The Host is played by Sarah Kenney.

Music by Steve Metz.

Created by Amy Carver.


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