36 minutes | Jul 14th 2018

S1E3 - Episode 3


3.1 Family Ties - written by Lucy Boone, performed by Heather Walters and Sarah Kenney. 3.2 Jackson - written by Eric Kenney, performed by Aimee McKay and Sarah Kenney. 3.3 Walter - written by Phillip Mason, performed by Tommy Gaio, Phillip Mason, and Sarah Kenney. 3.I Intermission - written by Amy Carver, performed by Sarah Kenney. 3.4 Kmblmb For You - written by Jessy Lauren Smith, performed by Chad Eschman and Sarah Kenney. 3.5 Lightbulbs - written by Ashley Griggs, performed by Rachel Ewing and Sarah Kenney.

Music by Steve Metz.

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