27 minutes | Mar 18th 2021

S1001E1 - Introducing: Sarah Someone

Hi! This is Amy Carver, creator of The Host. I’m excited to introduce you to a new Host-adjacent project. It’s an audio play in 3 parts called Sarah Someone. It’s about a high school senior who wants everyone at Immaculate Conception – teachers included – to be as “good” as she is. It’s written by Katie Markovich, who wrote many things for The Host, including Rave On – the final call in season one episode two – and “All Are Welcome” – the entirety of Season Two Episode Four. Also, Sarah Someone was directed by Tony Werner, who wrote several calls for The Host but is probably best known as the voice of Devon. (Everybody knows Devon.) This episode is part one. If you like it, search “Sarah Someone” in your podcast browser for more. Thanks! I hope you like it. About Sarah Someone Sarah is a high school senior with big ambitions and an even bigger moral code. She wants everyone at Immaculate Conception—teachers included—to be as “good” as her. But what does it mean to be good, and at what cost? Starring: Erin Austin as Sarah; Robert Artz as Father Ed; Huntington Daly as Brian; Tanya Laine as Colleen; Kimberly Alexander as Hilary. Written by: Katie Markovich Directed by: Tony Werner Produced and Edited by: Amy Carver Podcast Artwork by: Jessica Lung Music: Sunday Service by Jon Algar Bright And Happy Classical Music Prelude G Flat Major by EarlessPierre Sound Effects: "Door, Church, Close, C.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org "Vending Machine.wav" by cmusounddesign of Freesound.org "Sliding Foley.wav" by mrtunes of Freesound.org "Walking on gravel path Ver01.wav" by thewebbster of Freesound.org "postit.wav" by chenno of Freesound.org "Footsteps Boots_Linoleum.wav" by roman_gens of Freesound.org "tearing" by dobroide of Freesound.org "paper-rip" by cemagar of Freesound.org "fast running" by topschool of Freesound.org "school bell" by 13FPanska_Stranska_Michaela of Freesound.org This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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