73 minutes | Sep 10, 2020

In Conversation with Poet Taisia Kitaiskaia

In this very special episode, we were honored to interview the charming and inimitable poet, Taisia Kitaiskaia. Taisia Kitaiskaia is a Russian-American poet and writer, and a dear friend of the podcast. In this interview, we discuss her forthcoming book of poems THE NIGHTGOWN AND OTHER POEMS (Deep Vellum, 2020), among other things, including: toads, luxury quarantine snacks, munchkin icon Danny DeVito, and ham sandwiches. Taisia is also the author of LITERARY WITCHES, a collaboration with artist Katy Horan celebrating magical women writers; a divination deck, THE LITERARY WITCHES ORACLE; and two books of experimental advice from a witch of Slavic folklore, ASK BABA YAGA: OTHERWORLDLY ADVICE FOR EVERYDAY TROUBLES and its forthcoming sequent, POETIC REMEDIES FOR TROUBLED TIMES FROM ASK BABA YAGA. Please check out all of her books and other projects, like her incredible illustrations, on her website.
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