79 minutes | Nov 23, 2020

In Conversation with Poet Julie Howd

In this episode, Host editors Claire and Annar converse with the delightful poet, Julie Howd. Julie is a poet and educator from Massachusetts. She is the author of Threshold winner of the Spring 2020 Host Publications Chapbook prize. Julie’s poetry is a delightful force, and the poet has come to consider herself an “eco-surrealist” writing poetry that is deeply in tune with the threats facing our natural world, our sanity, and our joy. In this conversation, Julie and the Host team discuss some of the poems in Threshold, what kinds of toast they’ve been making these days, how many blankets are appropriate to use when working from home, where poetry comes from, and a bevy of other hilarities and affairs facing the life of the artist in the year 2020. Julie's chapbook, Threshold, will be the next selection for the Host Chapbook Club, for the Dec. 10th meeting. You can buy a copy here and sign up for the Chapbook Club here.  Here are links to some of the books, music, TV shows and more discussed in this episode: Threshold Chapbook Club Event Octave of Light - Compositions by David Ibbett for the Museum of Science in Boston's Multiverse Series Weighted blanket that feels like a real blanket The Musical Brain by César Aira Jack Spicer's Vancouver Lectures Hoa Nguyen Maria Bamford, Lady Dynamite Toast recipe to pair with Threshold 
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