72 minutes | Apr 30th 2020

The Mulch Episode

What’s the deal with mulch? Why do we do it? Where does it come from? Mulch is a noun, a verb, and--for many--a pile of mystery. On this episode, we discuss mulch's history, weigh in on the bag vs. bulk debate, and call into question the whole practice. Roll up your sleeves and grab a shovel, because your hosts are ready to dump several cubic yards of mulch facts in your mind's driveway!  Mentioned in this episode: Austin Resource Recovery Recycling Center (currently closed due to COVID); Rodale's How to Grow Vegetables and Fruits by the Organic Method; Cheryl Hazeltine's Central Texas Gardener.  More info at our website: www.horticulturati.com. Email us at info@horticulturati.com. Our theme song is “Plants” by The Horticulturati House Band. 
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