31 minutes | Aug 8th 2020

Seeds from China

We dive into the "seeds from China" story and discuss the implications and ramifications in the context of the political moment, which brings us back to an endlessly debatable question: is garden "nativism" xenophobic?  Visit us and drop a line here. And check out the Central Texas Seed Savers to learn about how you can get involved in sharing seeds. To hear the story behind Central Texas Seed Savers, and why Colleen is so passionate about seeds, listen to this episode of Hothouse!  Mentioned in this episode:  Press release from texasagriculture.gov; “Mystery Seeds Mailed From China” by Reese Oxner (Texas Tribune, 2020); Sid Miller talks about seeds (Texas Department of Agriculture Facebook page); “Against Nativism” by Michael Pollan (NYT Magazine, May 15, 1994); Sid Miller’s 2020 Texas GOP Convention video (his Facebook page).      
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