54 minutes | Jul 26th 2020

Neighborhoods & Neighbors

Howdy, neighbor! In this episode, Colleen discusses architect Ross Chapin’s idea of “pocket neighborhoods” -- residential blocks arranged around a shared green space, where small homes or apartments face a pedestrian-friendly commons, rather than facing the street.  We imagine how much more aesthetically pleasing and psychologically rewarding landscapes could be if we took vehicles, driveways, and "car holes" out of the equation. Next, Leah brings up a perennial landscape design challenge that comes with having neighbors: screening! How do you create privacy around the home and block unsightly views, especially as growing density in urban areas has created a trend for tear-downs and the construction of taller houses with larger footprints? We share tips and tricks, from tree selection to the importance of sight lines, and ponder whether good fences really make good neighbors.  Mentioned in this episode: Pocket Neighborhoods: Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World by Ross Chapin; and the Arborists’ Certification Study Guide, Third Edition, by S.J. Lilly. 
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