58 minutes | Oct 11th 2020

Episode 106: Faster, more Furious

So as it becoming custom, we open this episode with an apology for the delay in posting! 2020 has been...eventful. And we are now living in country Victoria after escaping Melbourne's COVID-lockdown.  In a funk of post-move fatigue, we binged five Fast & Furious movies.  Turns out we have a lot to say about these films, from Vin Diesel's self-insert fantasy of an indomitable and virile hero-figure, to Lucas Black aging ten years in a scene, James Wan's prominence in Australian cinema and that bloody plane runway in Fast & Furious 6. Here's the link to the Hierograph Kickstarter, featuring a story by Emmet O'Cuana and Tim Molloy.  And Aurealis #135 features an essay by Emmet on the writing of Michael Shea. 
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