14 minutes | Feb 12, 2021

Covid Activism (With Music)

Five activists who have responded in diverse ways to the current Covid crisis (acting on loneliness, toxic masculinity, working with vulnerable children, supporting people’s mental health, and discovering how to remain a campaigner when you are in the Scottish countryside) share what they have been up to, some of their joys and struggles, and what has kept them going. Once again this episode has the wonderful music of Dr J. You can download it from band camp, and if you buy the first track "Emmanuel, God with us", you are supporting Cromer Beachcomber Guest House in North Norfolk, which has been giving to support to people who need space and support throughout the pandemic.https://drjpresents.bandcamp.com/album/immanuel-god-with-usAnd thanks to Nathan Grady, Lau Ciocan, Beth Myring, Simon Davidson and Bonte Uwimana for sharing their wisdom.praxiscentre.org
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