52 minutes | Jan 23, 2020

S6:E19 - Dr. Brananas goes to Juarez

Matt Walsh (Veep, Mr. Peanut Murderer) and Jerry Minor (For The Love of a Glove) join Horatio and Chad for a long awaited recording session at Bro Bro Studio. A flag draped keyboard leads to Jerry's story about receiving his mother's ashes but trust us, it's funny. We discuss Jerry's new project "For The Love of a Glove" - opening on Jan. 25th at the Steve Allen theater in L.A. Horatio threatens to shave his head. Matt's son makes an incredible observation about action movies. A discussion about a potential cure for Alzheimer's takes us down to Juarez, Mexico for some truly off the rails improv. To wrap things up, Matt talks about his recent USO tour.
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