54 minutes | May 18, 2019

S6:E10 - Panic! At The Strip Club

Horatio Sanz and Chad Krueger are joined by Kevin Dorff and making her Hooray Show Debut, Renee Albert! Whenever someone mentions Wisconsin, Horatio always asks the same question, "Have you ever been to Weasel's?" - a strip club somewhere in Wisconsin. As you can imagine, a good chunk of the show is spent telling strip club stories which then of course leads to bad doctors. Kevin tells the story of when Horatio pranked him with a long con and Renee shares a story of a prank pulled on her that turned into one of the greatest nights of her life. Help keep the show ad free:For Bonus Content and to support the show, please subscribe at patreon.com/hoorayshow. To make an in kind contribution at any time, you may send a PayPal to itsthehoorayshow@gmail.com.
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