46 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

Inside an Effective Digital Transformation: Insights from Ex-Sapient Exec Phil Golub

Phil Golub is a seasoned UX designer with over 20 years of experience and a unique focus on digital product innovation, service design, and cognitive experiences. His deep understanding of creating the best user experience has helped redefine how companies interact with their users. He is currently the Senior Director of Digital Product & Innovation at Total Wine & More. Before joining Total Wine, he pushed the bounds of creativity and client satisfaction at Sapient. In this episode… A brand is a promise; experience is proof.  The marketing world has continued to shift to a more digital role in the last 30 years. Words like digital transformation, UX/UI, interface developer, and many more now define what it means to create user-friendly software. Companies can’t develop new products with just their name as a promotion anymore; now, they have to innovate and adjust their content to match the fast-paced market.  Phil Golub understands the need for effective market strategies and the process of nurturing an idea from its infancy stage to a final product. His user experience and the digital world's expertise gives him the knowledge to actively dictate the roadmap for product and user experience success.  In this week's episode of The Hook, host Brendan Dell discusses the intricacies of marketing and development with the Senior Director of Digital Product & Innovation at Total Wine & More, Phil Golub. They discuss UX Developer vs. UI Designer, opportunity vs. complexity, and what companies need to know about digital transformation. Phil shares his thoughts on companies who have taken advantage of this transition to create an unshakeable product development and marketing strategy roadmap.
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