45 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

How to Differentiate Your Brand in a Red Ocean with Chief Product Evangelist Stephan Mathys

Stephan Mathys is a big-picture thinker, storyteller, and Chief Product Evangelist for Slope Software, an actuarial financial projection modeling software company that helps actuaries get back to being actuaries again. His personal goal is to make innovative professionals like actuaries, data scientists, and engineers as well-known and respected as doctors, lawyers, and the clergy. Stephan's creative and data-driven approach to marketing and content creation, sales, and product expertise make him a triple threat in and out of the field. In this episode… If marketing were a calculated science, then we would conclude that there are diminishing returns in specificity.  Specificity robs us of our time—but what if you could use the ability to specify without complex codes or software and make your work hours shorter and productive rather than longer and ineffective? Wouldn't you opt-in for the dramatic change over time while building an accurate and effective workflow? Stephan Mathys, copywriter, marketer, and Chief Product Evangelist for Slope Software, is here to show you more about how Slope is changing their piece of the pie in actuary science. Slope is differentiating how actuaries get stuff done and save time to focus on the bigger projects. Stephan Mathys, Chief Product Evangelist for Slope Software, and Brendan Dell sit down to talk about the importance of Slope in small and emerging companies, how to differentiate yourself in a red ocean, and the purpose of marketing. Stephan shares his three tactics for engagement and how Slope is making a difference. Keep listening. 
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