22 minutes | Nov 13, 2019

Do I need a bigger home or less shit?

WELCOME TO THE HOMEGIRLS PODCASTThe Home Girls Podcast serves you the scoop on the latest home conundrums with a little quirkiness, caffeine, and a lot of authenticity.In this week’s podcast, we’re talking about DO YOU NEED A BIGGER HOME OR LESS SHIT?When have you questioned the amount of space you need ?Has there ever been a time when you felt like your environment affected your productivity? How can you make the determination if it’s time to reorganize or increase your homes’ square feet?What rooms cause the biggest bottle necks?Ways to eliminate items that are cluttering up your spaceWhat are some of today’s popular methods utilized to assess living areas and the organization of belongings? Advice for listenersWEEKLY CONTEST- What’s in your Amazon shopping cart? Please share your items with us at hello@thehomegirlspodcast.comBe sure to follow us at Facebook: The Homegirls Podcast & Instagram @thehomegirlspodcast
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