20 minutes | Nov 6, 2019

Authenticity In The Home

The Home Girls Podcast serves you the scoop on the latest home conundrums with a little quirkiness, caffeine, and a lot of authenticity.In this week’s podcast, we’re talking about AUTHENTICITY in your homeWhat the heck does it mean to be “authentic” in your home?Where can you incorporate your likes/interests into your space?How can you decide if your space works?Ways to decide if an item is authentic or if it needs to be eliminated?TOP 3 THINGS to consider when determining how to make your space feel authenticMaterialsColorsDesign layout/spaceWhat are some of the biggest mistakes that we see today?Advice for listenersWEEKLY CONTEST- What’s in your Amazon shopping cart? Please share your items with us at hello@thehomegirlspodcast.comBe sure to follow us at Facebook: The Homegirls Podcast & Instagram @thehomegirlspodcast The Home Girls is Powered by Simplecast
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