37 minutes | Nov 5th 2019

3:42 - Living In A 3-Generation Household with Elizabeth Adams

Earlier this year, Michael and I committed to growing our own business and quit the toxic environment of his day job. It was a tough decision but we were prayerful and determined. 

We soon realized that to keep up with our expenses and continue to build out our dream, we would need to significantly reduce said expenses! 

We fixed up our home, listed it for sale, and packed up our little family to move in with my parents. 

Thankfully, I wasn't too nervous to move in with them. We have similar values and communication styles. My parents are the ones who have always inspired me to seek out my own ways of self-improvement. 

There was a little bit of frustration at first with having my parents wanting to parent my kids, but we had a good talk about it and they knew they could trust us. They let go of any control of raising our kids and are determined to just be good examples and love my kids. 

We are pretty much just great roommates now -- it just so happens that my roommates are my parents! The amazing thing is that my parents had been looking for a new house after fixing up my childhood home and putting it on the market. They got the keys to our new house on the day we pulled up with our moving van. The house has been a perfect place for our 3-generation lifestyle! 

I'm so grateful for how our family has been able to thrive here. We miss our home in Virginia, but we are determined to be totally intentional about our family culture and raise our kids in a way that supports their development, and our own! 

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