96 minutes | Mar 10, 2020

Music: Life In The Mix With Burt Blackarach

Producer and DJ Burt Blackarach grew up in the thick of the Los Angeles music scene and he never really left. The list of people he’s worked with is indeed formidable. It’s so beefy, in fact, that we decided not to list it here because it would just look like we were trying to butter up to Google’s keyword algorithms. Instead, we decided to let the man speak for himself. It’s not here for lists anyway. You’re here for insight into the world of music, DJing, producing and MCing, which Burt brings in spades. That’s right, MCing. You can call this episode Fort Knox for all the gold bars you’ll find inside. And, just when you think it’s over, Swinky jumps on the mic and styles freely. This episode is brought to you by Who’s The Ross?, a late-night talk show that can be found on the web right here: https://whostheross.com/. As always, thank you for listening!NOTESSeason 03 Episode 09Music: Life In The Mix With Burt BlackarachRecorded on February 23, 2020Released on March 10, 2020Episode Duration: 01:36:09Burt Blackarach can be found on Instagram @blackarach and on the web at https://www.burtblackarach.com/.Jesse can be found on Instagram @jjkoester and on the web at www.sunshinepicturesllc.com.Swinky can be found on Twitter & Instagram @swinkymusic and on the web at www.swinkymusic.com.Hollywood Fishbowl can be found on Instagram and Twitter @HWFishbowl and at www.hollywoodfishbowl.com.
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