43 minutes | Aug 12th 2020

Leesa Klich – How To Write Health Blogs That Rank On Google (SEO) – #16

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Lisa Klich is a Health Writer and Blogging Expert. She helps credible health and wellness professionals build their authority with strategically-planned and easy-to-read research-based health articles. They want to stand out in the crowded, often unqualified, market of entrepreneurs. Leesa helps them build a reputable brand, establish trust with their audiences, and save them a ton of time so they don’t have to do the research or writing themselves.

Health Blogging Course Bundle: https://leesaklich.com/downloads/video-course-bundle/
Website: https://leesaklich.com/
New podcast: https://podcasts.bcast.fm/reatsearch
Why quality content beats quantity: https://leesaklich.com/health-content/quality-content/

0:00 – Start
0:57 – Background
2:42 – Why health blogging
4:37 – Quality VS quantity
6:49 – What is SEO
10:42 – On page SEO
17:24 – How to write good headlines 
19:02 – Internal links
21:02 – Dwell time
24:07 – Videos in blog posts
26:22 – The role of images in blog posts
29:18 – How to include a CTA
32:22 – Sharing & promoting blogs
36:30 – Social media policies (example?)
37:32 – Leesa’s courses

Tools & Resources:
National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health: https://www.nccih.nih.gov/ 
Office of Dietary Supplements: https://ods.od.nih.gov/ 
Medline Plus (for info on health topics, tests, medications, etc.): https://medlineplus.gov/
Headline generator: https://tweakyourbiz.com/title-generator
Headline analyzer: https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer/80597
SEO keyword research/optimization software I use: https://www.textmetrics.com/
Powerful SEO software for keyword research and website auditing: https://www.link-assistant.com/
GeoTag: https://tool.geoimgr.com

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