66 minutes | Jun 22, 2020

E1 In conversation with Jesper Westmark - Working with meditation and trauma-therapy

This is Jesper Westmark - From Hairdresser To Meditation Teacher; The remarkable Story! Content1:07 – Meditation, Arriving in the present moment 6:16 – The awakening and the early years (Brøndsted Center with Dr. Gerda Tyrsted) 16:12 – Recommended spiritual literature: - Eckhardt Tolle, The Power of Now/A New earth/Silence speaks 17:30 – The early lessons on the spiritual path; The life as an international hairdresser and living with shamans and Indians 20:34 – Learning how to lose yourself and how to find your way back 24:21 – Communicating with spirits 31:07 – Becoming a meditation teacher and trauma therapist 35:44 – How to release trauma 39:10 – You are already perfect, embodying the present moment and releasing trauma with a loving presence. 40.17 – Premeditation and being meditated, how to reach trauma and the subconscious through meditation   43:20 – Allowing things to be as they are46:16 – 25 years at Sjövik, building a retreat center49:26 – Letting go and redefining yourself is a death process51:07 – The retreats at Sjövik, Teaching people to heal themselves 53:20 – The importance of learning to show vulnerability in society  54:40 – The purpose and path of Jesper Westmark, learning to listen more to ourselves 57:30 – We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are 59:30 – Going into the forest; isolating to discover who we truly are 1:01:10 – Retreats with Jesper Westmark in Sweden and the rest of the world 1:01:41 – Closing meditation Resources https://www.jesperwestmark.com/https://www.facebook.com/jesper.westmarkhttps://www.mindfulnessmanor.com/retr...https://eckharttolle.com/
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