53 minutes | Aug 27th 2020

The Scarlet E

In this episode, your hosts are joined by Professor Emily Benfer to discuss the eviction crisis caused by COVID-19. Emily, a co-creator of Eviction Lab’s Housing Policy Scorecard, explains the circumstances that led to 30-40 million people being at risk of eviction, the downstream societal costs of housing instability, and how health, housing, and racial justice are deeply involved. We take a look at how this moment has uncovered disparity in America and provides an opportunity to reset the US’s policy trajectory toward justice. Plus, Sarah and Laura celebrate the show’s three-year anniversary, and get to see each other in person for the first time in five months! You can find Emily on Twitter at @emilyabenfer. Subscribe to the show and give us a five-star review wherever you listen, follow on Twitter at@HousingPodcast, and send us a note to podcast@nacced.org. Thanks for listening!