80 minutes | Jan 18, 2019

Rock On, Rural America

In the 18th episode of the Holistic Housing Show, the NACCED team is joined by Housing Assistance Council (HAC) CEO David Lipsetz. A rural Midwesterner himself, David shares how HAC empowers some of America’s most impoverished rural communities to grow their capacity and thrive. Also discussed: how public policy incentivizes city living and urbanization, why rural and urban America need not be at odds, why USDA is in the housing business and why values like community and humility matter. Plus, he teaches us new words like “sniglets” and “metropollyanna.” The Angels receive more fan mail, discuss first jobs and favorite home appliances, and debut brand new, hard-hitting questions (Which would you rather fight in hand-to-hand combat – an alien or a zombie?).

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