52 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

An Ideal Community

In this episode, we’re joined by Ken White, Director of Resident Services at Operation Pathways, which provides services for residents of multifamily housing. But they’re not just services – they’re resident-led programs that empower individuals and families to set goals, learn new skills, lead healthier lives, and achieve greater independence and quality of life. Ken tells us how Operation Pathways walks with these residents in their journeys, prioritizing dignity and creating community. Plus, did you see the pink super moon? What do they call sandwiches in Massachusetts? And prepare to feel completely one-upped by Ken’s pandemic hobby, which was learning how to build staircases. Wow. Find us on Twitter at @HousingPodcast, rate, review, subscribe, and send us an email to podcast@nacced.org. Thanks for listening!

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