51 minutes | Oct 24th 2020

Herbs As Mantra - Mental Reset & Redirection

This week we listened to a talk by a Buddhist teacher about mantra chanting practices, and one particular facet of their purpose: to be a mental reset or redirection, a way to get a hold of your mind when it’s spun up & agitated. It inspired us to think about herbs as mantras, as mind tools – which herbs are, just as much as they’re physical supports. Herbs can help us introduce new mental patterns and change the way we relate to our minds.

People have been working with mantra and other meditative practices for a long time. That means people have been seeking ways to calm and direct mental patterns for a long time – it’s not new! If you feel this way sometimes, you can rest assured that it’s not just you; it’s everyone. You might say that it’s a natural consequence of having a brain that can do all the complex & amazing things our brains can do. Sometimes that complex computer gets stuck or spinning, and you need a reboot.

That’s where meditation comes in, traditionally – and that’s also where herbs as mantra come in! These plants can slow down the spinning so you can step off the mental merry-go-round. They can release tension that stops you from being able to identify what you need, or express it. They can bring in some sunshine and get your inner waters moving smoothly. Whatever pattern you find yourself falling into in those moments, there are herbs that can help!

Herbs discussed in this episode include: hawthorn, linden, sage, mugwort, juniper, cedar, pine, st john’s wort, yarrow, calendula, heather, kava, pedicularis, solomon’s seal, crampbark, orange peel.

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