75 minutes | Sep 11, 2019

Elias Davidsson on missing and counterfeit 9/11 evidence

An interview with Elias Davidsson about the way that the US government has not provided evidence that the named 9/11 hijackers were on the ill-fated airplanes. We also talked about the unusual Shanksville crash site and the suggestive evidence that two of the airplanes were flying past their alleged crash times. More broadly, Elias talked about international criminal and human rights law and 9/11's strategic context. Davidsson is the author of Hijacking America's Mind on 9/11. He has also written, among others, forensic accounts of the 2008 Mumbai attack (The Betrayal of India) and, in German, of the 2016 Berlin Christmas market attack (Der gelbe Bus). He has published articles on international law, human rights law and international criminal law in peer-reviewed legal journals. Show notes: roryoconnor.xyz patreon.com/roryoconnor
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