110 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

The Lockdown Companion Vol25 🔐

Professional trials and MTB rider Duncan Shaw joins Odub and Davi for the latest episode of The Lockdown Companion. During this episode we discuss Olly's new custom painted bike, Voiceover work for Lake Toba, VR experiences, loose wild animals and plenty more... How would you like to be in the CUT Media / Focus movie? Follow this link to find out more and submit your content https://www.focus-bikes.com/gb_en/made-to-lose-share-your-moment Thank you to Focus Bikes for supporting these lockdown podcasts whilst we take a break from the planned Where's Olly? series. Go on, shoot them a follow on @focusbikes and if you are in the market for a new bike then why not consider a Focus? Visit focus-bikes.com for more info! Help support the podcast and Grab yourself some merch! https://thehktpodcast.teemill.com/ Support Olly's dream of a jet-ski (and fuel for the G wagon) https://the-official-odub-merchandise-store.teemill.com/ Must Follows from this episode:- @Odub_23, @thehktpodcast, @duncshaw www.hktproducts.co.uk Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  Enter promo code 'PODCAST' for 10% off the entire site. Enjoying these Lockdown Companions?  PLEASE SHARE, SUBSCRIBE AND SPREAD THE LOVE.
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