108 minutes | Jan 20, 2021

The Lockdown Companion Vol20 🔐

Just me, myself and co-host ODub for the latest Lockdown Companion extravaganza while we finally try and eliminate the software demons. During this episode we discuss the meaning of life, X-Games Real MTB, Olly's worst knockout, awful travelling stories, place some bets and offer you guys the chance to WIN a pair of Olly's famous DMR signature forks.

BIG Shout out to the second UK small business that we want to shine a light on. Downamics, Downamics uses the most comprehensive data acquisition system to help you better understand your bike and your riding with the goal of helping you become a faster and more competitive racer or rider.

Collecting information from your bike, how it interacts with the terrain and how you ride it will highlight areas for improvement with your riding technique, bike set up & balance between you and the bike as well as where you can find that time you've left on the track. Head to downamics.com to find out more!

Thank you to Focus Bikes for supporting these lockdown podcasts whilst we take a break from the planned Where's Olly? series. Go on, shoot them a follow on @focusbikes and if you are in the market for a new bike then why not consider a Focus? Visit focus-bikes.com for more info!

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