78 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Behind The Bike: NEW Focus JAM + THRON

Focus Bikes just unveiled their new JAM & THRON mountain bikes to the world, backed up with an incredibly thought provoking marketing campaign 'For Your Inner Child'. On this special episode of the podcast Olly Wilkins and Davi chat with Focus Bikes lead engineer Fabian Scholz about the process of creating a brand new bike from scratch, the amount of time it takes to test and prototype a new model and much more... BONUS SEGMENT: Ben Deakin joins Olly and Davi to chat about his new role onboard Focus Bikes, upcoming plans and the reasons he made the team switch. You can find out more about the all new JAM & THRON by following the link below:- https://www.focus-bikes.com/gb_en/for-your-inner-child Make sure you follow Focus Bikes on Instagram:- @focusbikes Must Follows from this episode:- @thehktpodcast @odub_23 @deakinator1 @fabianfaehrtfahrrad www.hktproducts.co.uk Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  Enter promo code 'PODCAST' for 10% off the entire site. Enjoying these Lockdown Companions?  PLEASE SHARE, SUBSCRIBE AND SPREAD THE LOVE. Make A Donation To The Podcast  
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