34 minutes | Feb 8, 2020

Norse Religious Rituals & Poetry w/ Dr. Simon Nygaard

Today I chat with Dr. Simon Nygaard, a scholar of Old Norse religion at Aarhus University in Denmark. We discuss religious rituals pre-Christian Scandinavia and how the Norse could have worshiped their gods through poetry.Support the show and visit our sponsor https://www.vkngjewelry.com/discount/NOAH20Referenced in Today’s Episode:Dr. Nygaard on Academia.eduAn Interview with Dr. Nygaard on The Nordic Mythology ChannelDr. Nygaard on TwitterFollow The History of Vikings on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions or inquiries noah@thehistoryofvikings.comMusic: Danheim – Framganga
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