65 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

January 2021

Brand new year, brand new episode!Awesome new tracks from Spednar, RM Francis, cd_slopper, UMFANG, KAHKLI Cru, plus early glitch and microhouse classics from Kit Clayton, 8FM, and Twerk!1. woopheadclrms - It little bit2. cd_slopper - dqawa wumplex-Ɨ3. Kit Clayton - Nia-Ikala4. Twerk - Geeky Minimal Sausage Party6. KAHKLI Cru - Shaded 3rd Duct7. Eight Frozen Modules - No Solitude Fo_ The P_Tient8. Hard Return - ENE9. pxp Realidiyo - squauduhl10. RM Francis - lbm-nmf11. William Fields - Submersible Quince12. Flora Yin-Wong  - Aurochs13. UMFANG - Off Court14. Thorsten Sideb0ard  - blackriottt15. NKISI - Phantasmagoria16. Spednar - eh o el17. Hellfish - Toilet Wars 
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