58 minutes | Jan 1, 2021

How to step out and be your own kind of beautiful – Jasper Lai

In this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter, I sat down with multi-talented actor and comedian Jasper Lai to chat about his roller-coaster journey to fame. With 114K followers on Instagram, Jasper first ever movie script “Number One” was also recently nominated for the Golden Horse award, widely deemed as the Oscars of the Chinese language film industry.

Pay special attention to (time stamp) when Jasper shared his backstory and how an apparent failure in school set him up for success in the entertainment scene. 
Also listen out for his answers to the following questions. 

  • How has an apparent failure set you up for your success later? 1:58
  • What were the key turning points in your life that led you to do what you do now (acting, hosting and script writing)? 10:00
  • Where did you pick up hosting and quick-thinking skills? 20:59
  • Recently, you were also with the big guns like Jack Neo and Mark Lee – how did that happen? 21:17
  • How do you deal with critics and people who make you the butt of their jokes? 24:34
  • Is it true you must be good looking or have a hot body to have a big following? 25:12
  • Has cross-dressing and comedy made people take you less seriously? 29:34
  • What is your advice to individuals who are growing their following and building their personal brand online? 33:48
  • Who is the most popular among the Ah Boys to Men cast? Do you feel inadequate around them? And how did you find your own world? 37:03
  • When did you officially know you were “famous”? 47:30

If you want to keep in touch with Jasper, you can reach him on Instagram @jaspersjaspers

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