41 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

How to create your own luck and become your customers’ number one choice - Daniel Fong

In this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter, I had a chat with an arising Malaysian artiste, Daniel Fong. He’s not only a multi-talented singer, but also a dancer, model & certified CrossFit trainer. He’s appeared on many local dramas, like ntv7’s Wishlist Raya, as well as participating in variety shows like Astro’s Call Me Handsome. But what I enjoyed most about my conversation with Daniel is his hustle, passion & determination to never take no for an answer. From humble beginnings as an insurance agent, this mindset led him to paving his own path in his acting career, which he soon pivoted into other sectors and paid big dividends in other areas of his life.Pay special attention to 17:15 when Daniel revealed how we can cultivate & calibrate the spirit of never taking no for an answer, and how this can allow us to create our own luck and pave our own unique career path. He specifically highlighted an example of how he paved his own path for success in China so look out for that!Also listen out for Daniel’s answers to the following questions:Tell us a bit about your backstory? - 0:15How did you make a detour into entertainment from insurance sales? - 1:17What were some of the key milestones of your career and some of the lessons you learned from it? - 4:06Was saying yes one of the best decisions you made? - 8:34How can the rest of us listening have the spirit of never taking no for an answer? - 17:15How did you feel at that moment when somebody said that you were last place in the competition? And how did this contrast to when you and the group reached the top? - 21:14Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be fireworks and that someone else will come along. How do you stay relevant in a world that is so up and down? - 25:10Was it difficult to pivot from the Chinese market to the Malaysian market? - 26:56How has social media been a big part of your career branding? - 30:39In the training & sales world, when you’re in demand you become more in demand. Is that the same in the entertainment world? - 31:57What were some of the lessons you learned while building your brand on social media & do you have the same issues of comparison that others face too? - 33:57What are some words of encouragement for insurance agents and service professionals who are building their brand and looking for customers? - 36:18If you want to keep in touch with Daniel, you can reach him on Instagram @danielfongwc.Thank you for listening to this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter! If you enjoyed this episode, please help me hit the ‘subscribe’ button if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts or hit the ‘follow’ button if you are listening on Spotify.  I would also love to hear your biggest takeaway from this episode! Here’s how: take a screenshot of you listening to #HighlySoughtAfter and tag me on Instagram. My handle is @ericgoesglobal. This way, I can personally thank you!
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