47 minutes | Jan 1, 2021

How to create engaging financial content on social media – SGBudgetBabe

In this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter, I sat down with Dawn Cher (fondly know as SG Budget Babe), one of Singapore’s most popular financial bloggers. Her blog boasts of 12 million views and she gets over 60K unique views per post! 


Pay special attention to 28:06 when Dawn revealed her content writing secret that make even the most boring content interesting and credible. 
 Also listen out for her answers to the following questions. 

  •  What led you to start your blog SG Budget Babe? 1:37
  • What were your initial struggles? (And how did you overcome them?) 3:35
  • What was your epiphany (aha moment) that led you to have the kind of influence that you have today? (over 60K unique views per post!) 10:20
  • What was your favourite post and why? 11:43
  • What would you advise entrepreneurs who are trying to find their unique voice? 23:53
  • How do you prevent yourself from getting into legal trouble? 25:39
  • What are some of your content writing secrets? 28:06
  • How do you find trending topics? 30:39
  • How did you leverage on social media to help your blog gain more awareness? 34:15
  • What is your creative process? 38:35
  • What are your thoughts on other agents’ attempts to blog? 39:12
  • What if your passion isn’t in the area of your profession? What should they write about? 41:43

If you want to keep in touch with Dawn, you can reach her on Instagram @sgbudgetbabe

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