64 minutes | Jan 10, 2021

How to build an authentic personal brand on social media – Nat Ho

In this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter, I had a chat with a Singaporean multi-hyphenate Nat Ho. Singer. Actor. Producer. Entrepreneur. Having been in the limelight since 2004, Nat will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly of being a public figure. Pay special attention to 51:00 when Nat revealed the most important factor that powers an authentic personal brand on social media. Do this well and you will never be at the mercy of self-doubt and criticism.   Also listen out for Nat’s answers to the following questions.When you were voted out of Singapore Idol, you cried on national TV. How did you pick yourself up? 6:18You have been in the limelight since young. Has it changed you? How did you deal with fame and public scrutiny? 17:08What was the biggest mistake you made while growing your influence? 22:41We care a lot about what people think about us. How do we get shield ourselves from people’s opinions of us, especially the negative ones? 26:10You mentioned many times in the media about how you were afflicted with self-doubt. How did you overcome it? 37:00Have your looks ever prevented people from taking your talents and creations seriously? 42:32For people listening, how can they live the best life ever? 1:01:50If you want to keep in touch with Nat, you can reach him on Instagram @iamnathoThank you for listening to this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter! If you enjoyed this episode, please help me hit the ‘subscribe’ button if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts or hit the ‘follow’ button if you are listening on Spotify.  I would also love to hear your biggest takeaway from this episode! Here’s how: take a screenshot of you listening to #HighlySoughtAfter and tag me on Instagram. My handle is @ericgoesglobal. This way, I can personally thank you!
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