44 minutes | May 20, 2021

Ep.58: All About Sober Treats

In early sobriety, sober treats are important, not an indulgence.  Don’t underestimate their power, because sober treats are essential to helping you both stop drinking and keep going once willpower runs out and motivation fades  When you’re walking away from drinking you need your time without alcohol to feel rewarding and kind - not like a punishment or deprivation.  And most of all you need sober treats because you’ve been stuck in a “reward rut” for way too long.  After decades of 'adulting' often our universe of rewards and pleasure options have shrunk to the equivalent of ‘bars and bakeries’ (alcohol and sugar).   Hard day? Wine.  Promotion at work? Wine.  Friday night date? Wine.  Kids being hard? Wine.  A few hours to yourself? Wine.  Anxious? Overwhelmed? Lonely? Wine.  You deserve more. Sober treats will open your imagination and help you find and enjoy new sources of pleasure and comfort. Today, I am diving into how to quit drinking without deprivation or relying on willpower by using sober treats.    For full show notes, head over to www.hellosomedaycoaching.com/58   Are you ready to add The Sobriety Starter Kit course to your sober toolkit? Here’s everything that’s inside the course 8 coaching modules with 50 video lessons + all the supporting materials, including The Mistakes Women Make In Trying To Stop Drinking The Fundamentals of Building Your Sober Foundation The Quick Start Guide To Your First 2 Weeks Mapping out your Reason, Vision, Habits, Triggers, Environment + Support How to Break Out The Drinking Cycle Using The 4 Laws of Behavior Change Building Sober Muscles + Momentum  Navigating Sobriety Challenges - Labels, Other People, Drinking Events, The Mommy Wine Culture, Boredom, PAWS, Avoiding 'Pre-Lapse' and Restarting Quickly If You Drink To 100 Days and Beyond - Creating A Life You Love Click here to get all the details and sign up now.    More resources mentioned in the episode Grab my favorite non-alcoholic beverages from Gruvi and The Athletic Brewing Company   Connect with Casey Find out more about Casey and her coaching programs, head over to her website, www.hellosomedaycoaching.com Take a screenshot of your favorite episode, post it on your Instagram and tag me @caseymdavidson and tell me your biggest takeaway!
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