28 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

Redefining Self-Care

When you hear the term self-care, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?Bubble baths, manicures, and facials?Well, in today’s episode, I’m going to break down the difference between transactional self-care and the self-care that really matters: transformational, holistic self-care.  Let’s reframe what self-care is truly meant to be- something that isn’t an afterthought, but a priority for living a well-balanced life. When approached from a holistic standpoint, the benefits of transformational self-care range from lower stress levels to increased productivity and creativity and being more in tune with the signals your body is sending you. Practicing transformational self-care can help you maintain your most optimal health, and can also help you gain healthy coping mechanisms and healthy boundaries. In this episode, I'm sharing the 8 Dimensions of Holistic Self-Care that I teach in order to use self-care as a tool for transformation (hint: it has nothing to do with pampering).For exclusive content around holistic health, wellness, and personal development, sign up for my weekly newsletter at www.eva.fit and receive a free recipe ebook.Don’t forget to snap and post your screenshot while listening to this episode and tag me on IG @itsevarodriguez 
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