19 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

2020 Isn’t Over Yet: Get Out of the F*ck-It Bucket

Ready for some tough love? So many people have given up on 2020 and all they can focus on is how much they wish it was over and how much they wish it was 2021 already. Except this type of mindset isn’t productive and this week I’m calling you out on your excuses and reminding you that wishing that the year was over isn’t helpful so stop giving up on yourself just because we’re still in a pandemic. We still have 4 months left in the year. That's plenty of time to get back on track.Plus, if you’ve fallen off the wagon and stopped giving a damn about your health, I’m giving you 8 action steps to get out of that rut and back in the game. Why? Because you deserve better.For exclusive content around holistic health, wellness, and personal development, sign up for my weekly newsletter at www.eva.fit and receive a free recipe ebook.This episode is brought to you by my free meditation quiz. Don’t forget to snap and post your screenshot while listening to this episode and tag me on IG @itsevarodriguez Before you go, be sure to leave a 5-star review!Thank you for listening
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