57 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

Workout Rage, Cancer Foods, Sauna | THRR046

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Why Can't I Gain Weight, BHB Supplements, IR vs Regular Sauna, What Foods Fight Cancer, Workout Rage

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1. Why cant I gain weight? Hormonal issues? [21:17] Fredrik says:

Hi Robb and Nicki

First of all thank you for your work and all that you do. I have read all your books and love your science based approach, whenever I want to do a reality check on claims made in the health and wellness space you are my go to source.

My question is why I cant gain weight no matter how I try? I am quite active with strength training five days a week (pretty high level calisthenics) and cross country skiing on weekends and really long hikes in the mountains with my dog. I have been following paleo since 2009, a ketogenic diet since 2012 and a few months ago switched to carnivore. I am 39 years, 6 feet and 164 lbs with about 8-10% BF. I have always been an athlete and naturally lean but I would really like to be able to put on just a little more muscle. I have tried a lot of things including tracking macros with Cronometer and the Ketogains calculator suggestions and  whey shakes before workouts and caloric surplus. Doing progressive overload with my calisthenics routine and getting stronger but not bigger. Good sleep and pretty frisky salt intake. I recently switched to strict carnivore wich works well for performance and overall well being but no difference in body comp. Nothing works, I seem to be stuck at 164 lbs no matter what. Could there be some hormonal issues at play? Or something else? Any suggestions for the ultimate hard gainer?



2. BHB Supplements [28:49] Marcia says:

Hi Robb,

Please explain these BHB supplements that claim to act like a keto diet.

Thank you!


3. IR vs Regular Sauna [32:26] Eric says:

Hello Robb and Nikki,

I am interested in sauna training. I have heard about many great health benefits and I want to give it a try. I also run trail ultramarathons in hot locations such as Arizona and Texas, so I think heat training in a sauna could be beneficial.

I don’t currently have access to a sauna but I have started looking online for a home use sauna. It seems like an IR sauna can be had for a relatively low price, but a traditional sauna is far more expensive. Every time I try to research the potential harm or benefit with IR versus traditional, I get pages and pages of sketchy-looking unscientific blogs that schill a product. So, does an IR sauna work as well as traditional?  Will it microwave my brains?  

4. What foods fight Cancer? [40:59] Marie says:

Hey Robb & Nicki,

I was diagnosed with the BRCA gene that increases my risk of breast cancer. I am highly motivated to prevent cancer by changing my lifestyle which includes eating keto. In my research to discover cancer fighting foods. I ran across breast surgeon, Kristi Funk’s book, “Breasts: An Owners Manual.” I am confused by her warning to eliminate all animal protein and fat from one’s diet. Most of the food I eat is from animals! I am so confused. Why does one camp say animal meat is good and the other camp says it’s bad? How should I eat?


5. Workout Rage - help! [51:21] Heather says:

I’m not sure if you’ve already addressed this somewhere on your podcast or blog (I tried searching and didn’t see anything) but I was wondering if you have ever heard of someone getting super angry (like rage) while working out. I want to love working out but any time I have since my teen years I feel extremely angry during the workout. I would love to know a way to curb that and maybe semi enjoy my workouts. I’m 37 and know that I need to take care of my body! Thanks for any insight!!



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